Show Off Your Dance Moves & Win Cash Prizes

It’s time to bust a groove! Get your boogie on with the #ZappSuperstar Dance Challenge and stand a chance to win cash prizes. You can show off your fancy footwork in a solo challenge or grab your dance crew and dazzle us with your creativity to get yourself some of the RM1,500 e-Wallet Credit.

Step 1

Download & register on TikTok.

Step 2

Record your dance-off.

Step 3

Edit the video with your creative flair & style.

Step 4

Submit your entry by adding #ZappSuperstar hashtag on TikTok.

Step 5

Tap the Share button on the TikTok App at the bottom right of the screen and click Copy Link.

Step 6

Submit your entry by filling in your name & pastingyour link here:

Step 7

Set your profile to “Public” so your entry can be tracked.


Thank you for participating!

Submit your dance video in any of these categories and get a chance to grab the prize!

For those of you who are bursting with ideas, you can submit as many videos as you like! ;) Just remember to insert our signature Z move as part of your routine.
Put your best foot forward. We’ll be waiting!

Check out our Terms & Conditions for more info.